Poker Players

Learn to bluff in poker games!

One of the most common strategies in card games is to bluff your opponents with your move.

Playing poker seems simple , but there is an art behind it to do it in the best way. The chance is the main factor , but your strategy bluff also influences enough when play.

One of the most common tactics is ‘deception’ , of which we have already explained the most common mistakes . Therefore, now we want you to become an expert on the subject, so we bring you the best tips to learn how to bluff like an expert.

Take into account the number of players

The number of opponents in the game will determine how feasible is your strategy ‘ bluffing ‘ . The more players participate in the hand being played, the greater the risk of not getting good results , since at least some of them will have a valuable play.

Measure the bets

Continuous gambling without having something worthwhile will cause your opponents to discover your style of play, thus putting you at their mercy. Make bluff should be a subtle tactic , so they do not identify how often you try.

Understand your opponents well

A few days ago we explained some of the types of players that exist at poker tables ; Knowing well what type your rivals are will help you analyze if it is worth risking a ‘bluff’ or if it is better to play it safe.

Don’t bluff with either hand 

It is true that the intention of the bluff is to make it appear that you have a better play than it really is, but it does not imply that you bet with any hand. In these cases it is better to bluff with a pair of cards that have a chance of completing a straight or hitting a good pair.

Understand how they see you at the table 

If you already grabbed a couple of times in the bluff and did not have a result, your opponents will know that your bet may be based on a false hand and will not hesitate to attack you . For this reason it is better to do it sporadically, so that they do not identify a pattern in your game. 

Balance your budget

Although it seems obvious, not measuring your bets can cause what you had arranged to bet to go overboard. If you don’t really have a competitive hand, avoid betting big from the start or calling when your opponents do , to avoid affecting your budget.