Can a card player be good for business?

Although it is not a guarantee, being a good card player can open doors for you to work on Wall Street, the main stock exchange on the planet.

No, what we are going to tell you does not refer to the plot of some Hollywood movie about gambling (although it is not a bad idea) . The card game involves analysis and strategies that few players master, but in some cases they handle it so well that they find space in other businesses, such as investing on Wall Street .

Aaron Brown is another popular player at the WSOP, who combined his experience as a poker player with a 30-year career also working on Wall Street ; Brown even wrote The Poker Face of Wall Street , a book where he analyzes the things that the cards and the stock market share.

The key to a card player is risk analysis

Risk analysis is one of the characteristics that both disciplines share , measuring how viable a bet is at the WSOP table or in a stock company. Also managing volatility is key in both , because knowing how to deal with uncertainty helps you make better decisions in both cases.

Something fundamental for poker and investments is knowing how to manage and keep a budget, choosing the bets correctly so that it grows and does not leave you in ruin. Of course, controlling your emotions must be something that cannot be lacking for both of you, preventing an outburst from throwing everything away.

Mastering the art of poker is not something that is learned overnight, and investing on Wall Street does not happen overnight. In the meantime you can start to develop your card skills at the Casino , perhaps in one of those you will jump to the stock market with what you have learned in our games.

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